“Seriously, this is like having a BodyGuard in your pocket! I had my whole family buy it and it makes me sleep a little easier knowing my kids are safer.. .”

-Tim Sutton

We would like to first say thank you for visiting our website. If you’ve purchased the Mobile Phone BodyGuard, we hope this provides added protection for you and your family when you need it most. Life is about taking action and not being afraid. The Mobile Phone BodyGuard offers you and your family another opportunity to eliminate the dreaded “what if” scenarios and be prepared.

What Users Are Saying:

“Thanks and I feel safer now when I leave school at night.”

- Cindy

“Bought this app for my granddaughter who has a disability and concerned if she was trying to reach someone for help. I feel a lot better knowing she has the Mobile Phone BodyGuard. Thanks for the great app!”

- Rodney Phillips

“Great App! My friends and I all have our own personal bodyguard. I want my whole school to get it.”

- Jane

Why we created this app:

We created this app out of frustration. We saw allot of personal protection apps that were poorly designed whether FREE or PAID and some with up-sells that limited access unless you paid a subscription fee. We have NO in-app purchases or up-sells. You get what you pay for, and we will continually look to improve and better design the Mobile Phone BodyGuard to help protect you and your family.

We tested it with our Family in Mind.

Our family and friends all have the Mobile Phone BodyGuard, and we tested it with them in mind. We designed it to be simple to set-up and provide easy to use features. We ran rigorous test to ensure that, when needed, the Mobile Phone BodyGuard would deliver protection for you and your loved ones. We welcome your feedback to help improve the BodyGuard. Together we will continually look to build a better personal protection App.

We designed the APP to be children friendly.

When designed the BodyGuard image and logo based on the feedback we received from adults and children. To our surprise, Children really took a liking to the image. Who doesn’t want their own BodyGuard as a kid? We were pleased to know how easy it was for kids to understand and use the app as well.

Be on the lookout for the soon to be released Android version of the Mobile Phone BodyGuard!

While we have a great personal protection APP designed for the iOS App Store will are currently working on the development of this app for the Android market. We will be able to provide a few extra push button options available that we couldn’t for our iPhone users because of the way Apple allows access to the phones technology. They’re slight but both Android and iPhone users can be confident knowing they have the best protection available when it comes to mobile personal protection.


The Mobile Phone BodyGuard Team


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We tested it with our Family in Mind

We designed the APP to be children friendly

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